Hello & Welcome to Sansha Australia

Like its international counterpart, headed by Mr. Franck Raoul Duval, Sansha Australia has built itself from strong but modest beginnings. These beginnings included, sourcing the materials, working directly with the shoemakers, listening to the dancers requirements and using the products themselves from practice to the stage. Along with Duval and the staff that are employed, we believe that having had a background in dance is essential to knowing, fitting and loving the end result.

Ron Fung and Mariette Carey first began their association with Sansha in 1982 while working as professional dancers in Hong Kong. They were involved in the initial testing of Franck Duval's first production of the soft canvas ballet shoe, which has since earned Sansha international acclaim. These shoes were produced in Sansha, a small fishing village off the south eastern coast of China, and after their huge success Duval soon expanded his business to include a wide variety of exceptional flat and pointe shoes.

With the demands of the Australian market the year 1990 saw the birth of Sansha Australia, with the sale of only one style: the Pro 1 soft canvas ballet shoe which Ron and Mariette had helped test just a few years before. This shoe, the worlds first split sole ballet shoe, has since been copied and is now a shoe standard with every brand. Sansha currently has a range which can accommodate dancers needs from every age, ability and background and is constantly updating and perfecting their products.

The company has continued to grow to keep up with the demands of the Australian and world market and it is now one of Australia's most prominent dance wear suppliers. Sansha Australia is proud to supply the Australian dancer with such a diverse range of high quality shoes and dance wear.