Meet the Dancer

JOHANNA LEE wears P123507 leotard in black, KH3523 leotard in ruby, D157 leotard in white, and LE1535 leotard in black and pale pink, and PS603 'Ovation' Pointe Shoes.

BROOKE WIDDISON-JACOBS, prinicpal artist with WA Ballet, Brooke wears KH3523 leotard in ruby; KH2553 leotard in crushed berry with KC1103 stripy warm up all-over; KH2550 leotard in amethyst; and LE3512 leotard in indigo/white, and PS603 'Ovation' Pointe Shoes.

NIKKI BLAIN wears Sansha white half tutu, KH2554 leotard in crushed berry as well as candy pink and flesh Pro1 canvas ballet flats.

IONA MARQUES wears P123507 leotard in black, white half tutu, P123504 leotard in ocean, KH2553 leotard in crushed berry, P121710 dress in red, and PS603 'Ovation' Pointe Shoes.